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A New Hat…Again July 16, 2012

I just came back from two weeks´ vacation in Provence  and Paris. For once, it is nice to play the tourist in my homeland although I feel, with years going by, less and less French.

Coming back to the Riviera was really cool, considering that I had not been there since I was ten years old. Cannes, Nice and all the cities by the Mediterranean Sea did become a showcase for France. Everything is so neat, so clean, so luxurious. Wherever you go it smells money. My husband told me how different it looks now from the 1960´s. Cannes was just a fishermen´s haven then. It lost a lot of its former charm.


There is one thing I did not remember from my younger years. The incredibly hot weather. And humidity. I hated it. As soon as we came out of Nice airport, I could feel the air and started sweating without moving one finger. I got so much accustomed to the Swedish summer, – sunny but dry and always with a little breeze tickling your cheeks –, that the Mediterranean climate was insufferable. I could hardly fall asleep.

Having said that I will not bother you with my temperature issues. I just wanted to show you the proof that Malagasy products are being more and more successful.

Here is the hat I had to buy in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, because the sun was too damn hot. I felt so stupid buying a hat again. I´ve got thousands of them at home. But hey, I had to cover my head.


The second picture was taken in Nice. Arent´they nice? It is amazing how Malagasy craftsmen have improved in making those bags. They look much nicer and last longer that the ones I used to buy. And most of all, everybody loves them!

Of course they are three or four times more expensive than in Madagascar, but at least you won´t need to go there.

And I consoled myself with the thought that I supported the Malagasy ecconomy!


Madagascar Finally There ! November 12, 2011

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I apologize for not writing so often, but I have just been so overwhelmed by a thousand things I had to do and no time for myself. But, I´m back and we are going backwards. I´m going to tell you more about all the things that happened to us last summer, our long journey and adventures.

I have not been in Madagascar for 13 years. The last time I was there was in 1998. You may wonder why I waited so long. The main reasons are a very busy life and a bad financials. How many times did I tell myself, “now you´re going! “, but it never happened and if our friend Nathalie had not invited us to her birthday party we would never have taken the step.

This year was also quite special because I travelled with my husband instead of my parents and my sister. And for the first time I was a real tourist. I did not stay the whole time in the capital Antananarivo. I actually had a very limited point of view on the situation. We did pay a visit at my relatives, but we had much more time to see around and discover.

How did it go? It was a very eventful trip. Every day came with its surprises and adventures. We rented a four-wheel drive car with the driver, or took a plane when the distances were too long and the roads too bad. The most frightening thing was to drive the car on a raft to cross the river. But the driver did it with panache. Having a chauffeur and taking a plane gave me that strange feeling of being spoiled in comparison with the residents. You should never take something for granted in Madagascar. Not everyone has a house with a bathroom. At my aunt´s, there was only running water in the evening and hot water is definitely a luxury.
Anyway, we had a lot of fun, when we were with our friends, discovered so many new things and met wonderful people. I even spoke German on a small paradise island Ile aux Nattes.

But I will tell you more very soon. Here am I doing some shopping.


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