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Last Chance to See on BBC February 17, 2012

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Last Sunday I was so excited about the programme on Madagascar on SVT. It was really great to discover places and especially animals I did not have the possibility to see when I was there. There are two more episodes coming soon and I will tell you more about it when I will have seen the whole series.

Until then I recommand another great TV show on BBC 2 which was broacasted last year, Last Chance to See with photographer Mark Carwardine and actor Stephen Fry whom I Love. They traveled all  around the world to see, maybe for the last time endangered species. Among those animals, the very strange aye-aye lemur. I think they stayed at least two weeks in Madagascar and finally found  a few aye-ayes in their natural environment.

BBC 2, Last Chance to See:

You can also have a look at Mark Carwardine´s blogg. Here is one of his posts:

Madagascar Past and Present:

Baobab Night: my pictures from The Baobab Avenue in Morondava

Another landscape typical from Madagascar, the Tsingy on the Western side.

Now, I´ll be waiting for the next programme.

Veloma !


Presenting Madakanto October 15, 2011

This year I am being very productive. Here is my second blog whose main subject will be Madagascar, the Red Island. Map and flag

There are so many reasons why I am starting this blog, but I guess one of them is just because I was born there and I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings regarding this unknown and beautiful place. It is a fact, except some people who felt in love with the country right away when they visited it or scientifical researchers studying nature, nobody knows anything about Madagascar. I think it is sad, considering that it is the fourth largest island in the world, after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. People know more about Mauritius and La Reunion, simply because they are under British and French governance.

Second of all, I have just spent a month there and since we came back home, my friends kept asking us thousands of questions. One of my neighbours, who used to spend a lot of time in Africa, was so curious that she invited us for dinner and urged me to write a book. Well, no book, but a blog. Now I can tell everybody at the same time. And you may read it whenever you feel like it.

Moreover, this blog will come as a complement of my photo blog ARKanto, where you can look at my first photo albums as well as my other pictures taken in Sweden, France and Norway.

Being one of the very few Malagasy living in Sweden I also feel like it is a duty to me to write about Madagascar, so that people get a better knowledge and understanding of the culture. There are more than lemurs to discover!

Another extremely important reason for this blog is my support to Espérance Marianina Madagascar, my cousin´s non-profit organisation, which aims at reducing malnutrition in rural areas and helps prevent children from quitting school. I will try to keep you informed on the organisation´s work and how the children are doing.

So, how often will you have the pleasure of reading this blog? I was hoping to send a post at least once a week, but I have not decided yet which day it would be, for I have another blog – All The Things I Am – where I write mostly about my life as a non-Swede in Sweden. A lot of writing it will be! I suppose the end of the week would be the best time for me. We´ll see!

As I said previously, I would only talk about things and people who are related to Madagascar. So, I will start by telling you about a great music band which came to Stockholm last week that is to say Kilema.


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