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Sartre or Not Sartre August 16, 2012

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Si vous avez les mains sales…prenez une douche Sartre ! Translate: If you have dirty hands…take a Sartre shower.

It is amazing how much humor Malagasy people have. Here is another exemple. Walking on Ile aux Nattes and finding this place…need a pee ? The solution is right there…The whole village was named after writers or philosophers. Coming back with more pics.


What Kind of Drink is That? July 21, 2012

That is the kind of signs you see in Madagascar  walking in a little village like on Ile aux Nattes, because people over there have quite a special sense for French grammar.

Here, the drinks are not made of alcohol, but they are ALCOHOLIC ! I just love it!

I promise…there´s more  funny pics coming.


More Malagasy Flowers February 12, 2012

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As I promised, I sorted out some of my pictures and I can present  even larger selection of the astonishing endemic flowers from Madagascar. When we were there I just went mad, because of all the flowers, the plants and trees I had never seen anywhere else. I could not believe my eyes! For the inhabitants, it is just natural to be surrounded by so much beauty.

Well, here it is. More and more flowers.

This flower could make a bride bouquet just as it is. Amazing!

I love those ones, like little ringing bells hanging from a tree on Ile aux Nattes

L´Arbre du Voyageur – the Traveller´s Tree. Symbol for Madagascar and for Air Madagascar

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