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Discover Madagascar On Line ! August 26, 2012

It finally happened !

The very last project I was working on was launched last Wednesday. My very first homemade webpage called Upptäck Madagaskar, which means “discover Madagascar”. I have been thinking of doing something related to Madagascar for a long time, besides my blog, and I finally got the opportunity and the precious help of two of my classmates Gabriel Gök and Christoffer Kindstedt. The website is in Swedish, but there is a google translate button for the English version. I know,it is not the most reliable, but it´s better than nothing.

Upptäck Madagaskar

So, if you are curious and willing to learn even more on Madagascar, pay me a visit! And if you like it, like it on Facebook and spread the good news.

Veloma !


Espérance Marianina Still Hoping for More January 30, 2012

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Today I will be the spkokeswoman for Espérance Marianina Madagascar. You already know that I care a lot about children and especially about those from Madagascar.
As I promised to report regularly on the situation, it is time for me now to share with you the latest achievements of EMM.

Madagascar is very well known for its endemic fauna and flora but also for its poverty. Kids who live in the countryside do not have as many opportunities than kids from the city and their future cannot be more uncertain. When my cousin Arlette Ramiliarijaona discovered Marianina and its children she suddenly had a good reason for fighting and helping her homeland. Me too by the same occasion.

Espérance Marianina Madagascar has been working for already four years and it has been a great success indeed.
One of the most important goals was to supply the children of Marianina with nourishing and balanced meals allowing them to grow both physically and intellectually. Before the canteen opened in 2006 the truancy rate had reached almost 50% during the hot season (December until March). But this year the rate decreased to 8%.

Here are some of the things they accomplished:

–  opened a school canteen which serves meals from December 1st to late April (wet/hot season)
–  constructed a dining hall that can be used as a multipurpose hall when they do not need the canteen
–  purchased furniture for the dining hall
–  planted hundreds of fruit trees and started growing vegetables

A few words from Arlette:

“Hope. Without hope it is impossible for us and our wonderful volunteers to continue fighting for the children´s well-being. No hope, no success. And this is an everyday work.
But, we could not have done so much without the help and compassion of our generous donors and I would like to thank you again and send you all my gratitude for your valuable support.”

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If you have ANY  QUESTION or information or if you want to send money, Please contact me.



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