Everything you want to know about Madagascar and never dared to ask

Madagascar´s Crazy Flora February 8, 2012

This year I will try my best to be more organised and logical. Concerning my blogs I decided to re-organize them, so  everything I write about Madagascar will be on Madakanto. Pictures too. They will no longer be on Arkanto, because I realised that I was just doing double work and double work is no good when you already have so little time.

Having said this I will now take you to Madagascar´s amazing flora. I thought it would be a nice introduction to the programme I can´t wait to see, that is to say the three-part documentary that SVT is sending from Sunday, Februari 12th on. Lucky you who live in Sweden !

Plage Le Lémurien Gourmand

For those who do not live here I´ve got a present. Some of the pictures I took this summer. It is just a few of them. I still have a lot of sorting out to do. Unfortunately I am very bad at remembering flower names and I lost the little booknote I had during my stay, so you will just let your imagination wander and you can even make up names for the flowers you like.

I´m dying to know what you came up to!


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