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Rosewood traffic in Madagascar makes me crazy January 13, 2013

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I am so angry after I watched this video on Malagasy rosewood traffic. And also surprised to learn that a lot of instruments, violins and guitars were made of precious woods also coming from Madagascar, like ebony.

Fortunately, there are some courageous people like Sascha von Bismarck fighting against illegal traffic.

Check out their website :

Just one thing: the video is translated into French



Madagascar Grandeur Nature on French TV December 16, 2012

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Just found this video on the web. An amazing film on Madagascar, the people, the culture and the nature of course. It´s just too bad there is nobody to translate it into English. It would be really worth it !
Enjoy it anyway! What strikes me is that he country has everything, but it takes so much time to make it grow economically.

Remark: the film is cut before we get a chance to see the end.


December 13, 2012

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Follow the adventures and the results of two Canadian botanists´research in Madagascar. Very interesting reading!

Canadian Museum of Nature - Blog

This blog is the start of a short series documenting the plant-collection trip of Canadian Museum of Nature botanist Lynn Gillespie, Ph.D., and her graduate student Warren Cardinal-McTeague. They will be collecting plants in Madagascar from October 16 to December 12. Follow their adventure in the field using a live global positioning map and Twitter!

Madagascar is truly an island of intrigue—a land like no other. It is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots and is home to numerous endemic lineages of plants and animals (organisms found nowhere else on Earth!).

Their rarity and uniqueness is due to the island’s 88 million years of isolation from Africa and India, which allowed the biota to evolve and diversify in solitude.

Madagascar is home to many iconic organisms including lemurs, aye ayes, chameleons, geckos, snails, baobab trees and orchids. This accumulation of curious and unusual organisms has inspired biological research for…

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Les Surfs – Si j´avais un marteau November 23, 2012

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Again les Surfs, If I Had a Hammer.
I forgot to tell you. The reason why they´re here on this blog is because they were Malagasy.



Les Surfs – A présent tu peux t´en aller

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In English, I Only Wanna Be With You.
Suddenly felt very nostalgic about the sixties. Never saw them in real, but I wish I had.


October 28, 2012

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Great pictures from Maroantsetra taken by B Is For Bull

B is for Bull

I finally got around to going through the rest of my photos from Maroantsetra. What an awesome, sandy beach town it was.

There was a delicious restaurant right on the main road called Chez Tantine. There was a front porch seating area where excellent people watching and surreptitious photography, ‘surreptography’ for short, could be had:

Women walking back from the river along the main road:

Classic Malagasy kitchenware for sale at the market:

The main market in the center of Maroantsetra. It was either blazing hot or raining, so umbrellas were always out:

Don’t be discouraged, but have strength:

Many of the houses in Maroantsetra were built on stilts to protect the homes from the beachy weather:

Almost all of Maroantsetra is built on a grid. The streets are divided into convenient, sandy streeted blocks:

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Discover Madagascar On Line ! August 26, 2012

It finally happened !

The very last project I was working on was launched last Wednesday. My very first homemade webpage called Upptäck Madagaskar, which means “discover Madagascar”. I have been thinking of doing something related to Madagascar for a long time, besides my blog, and I finally got the opportunity and the precious help of two of my classmates Gabriel Gök and Christoffer Kindstedt. The website is in Swedish, but there is a google translate button for the English version. I know,it is not the most reliable, but it´s better than nothing.

Upptäck Madagaskar

So, if you are curious and willing to learn even more on Madagascar, pay me a visit! And if you like it, like it on Facebook and spread the good news.

Veloma !


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