Everything you want to know about Madagascar and never dared to ask

Espérance Marianina October 3, 2011

Espérance Marianina Madagascar is a French non-profit organisation which has been working for many years and now all their efforts have been rewarded. It aims at reducing malnutrition in rural areas in Madagascar and helps prevent children from quitting school.


By building and organising a free school canteen at the State Primary School of Marianina.

The school is 270 km North East of the capital Antananarivo.

EMM allows children from the surrounding (within 3- 4 km) seven villages to eat every day and pays the salaries of five primary school teachers, and one director. Two of the teachers are paid by EMM and the staff cares for 280 pupils, aged from 6 to 15 years.

The children are divided into classes of 5 different levels.

The majority of Madagascans are country workers, employed between March and November. After the harvest, they are laid off and must find new employment. Instead of sending their children to school, the country workers take them with them to their places of employment.

What happens then? They miss school for the entire period.

EMM enables children to go to school just because they are given a proper meal everyday from December to April.

Children have to travel about 8 km a day to school. Most days they do not eat at all. They must get up at 5.30 am in order to arrive at school for a 7.30 am start. The only meal they eat is provided by EMM

Short term goals: Supply food and provide meals to children

Medium term goals: Increase hygiene awareness

Long-term goals: Build a canteen (multi-purpose room) and financial independence for the school canteen


By supporting EMM you can help provide the children of Marianina with a future.

The children of Marianina are truly grateful for your generosity !


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