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October 28, 2012

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Great pictures from Maroantsetra taken by B Is For Bull

B is for Bull

I finally got around to going through the rest of my photos from Maroantsetra. What an awesome, sandy beach town it was.

There was a delicious restaurant right on the main road called Chez Tantine. There was a front porch seating area where excellent people watching and surreptitious photography, ‘surreptography’ for short, could be had:

Women walking back from the river along the main road:

Classic Malagasy kitchenware for sale at the market:

The main market in the center of Maroantsetra. It was either blazing hot or raining, so umbrellas were always out:

Don’t be discouraged, but have strength:

Many of the houses in Maroantsetra were built on stilts to protect the homes from the beachy weather:

Almost all of Maroantsetra is built on a grid. The streets are divided into convenient, sandy streeted blocks:

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