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Kanto´s mini-biography October 10, 2011

As you already know by now, I was born in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar a few years ago. Because of political instability, my parents, my sister and I left the country in 1972.

I grew up in Paris, I studied in Paris, I worked in Paris. Since I studied foreign languages, – I majored in English and German – I also spent a lot of time abroad, mostly in Germany, in the United States and Sweden. I did visit other countries, but just for the fun of it.

And now I live here in Scandinavia! I have been living in Stockholm for five years and so far I love it. I have always dreamt of speaking Swedish, don´t ask me why. I remember very well the day we should build a little cardboard boat at school. I think I was 10 and I, as a self-proclaimed leader of the group, decided we would make a long ship.

I don´t build long ship anymore, but enjoy taking the boat on Lake Mälaren to one of my favourite places of work, The Drottningholm Court Theatre where I pretend to be a guide in the summer time.

Besides walking, I listen to a lot of music, go to as many dance and theatre performances as I can and I love photographing, especially people and the city.


8 Responses to “Kanto´s mini-biography”

  1. Ian Says:

    Hi there Kanto! Thank you for a great blog!
    Do you still have contacts in Madagaskar?

  2. Ibong Says:

    Hello Kanto,

    Such a nice blog. I’m planning to do some historical / cultural exploration between Madagascar and Indonesia. The output from this exploration will be a documentary film and cultural collaboration exhibition.

    Unfortunately I haven’t got any reliable source here in Indonesia. By any chance, do you have any person / organization that I can contact to collaborate, or just to do some interviewing, it would be an enormous help.

    thank you in advance.


    • madakanto Says:

      Hi Ibong,

      Really pleased that you like my blog. I´m not very active right now. Too many things to do…
      I´ll try to do my best to help you out, but I need more information about your project so I can ask my friends or relatives for help.

      I guess you want to interview people who know a lot about history ?

      Looking forward to hearing more.


      PS: it´s funny because one of my very good friends has Indonesian origins and we use to call each other cousins !

  3. Ibong Says:

    Hi Kanto,

    Considering what you wrote about your activities. I appreciate so much for taking your time to reply my request.

    Exactly, because I need to do a little research for this project. Based on the premise that the early settlers of Madagascar were Indonesian, I would like to explore whether, is there any ‘leftover’ from this past culture in the daily life of the Madagascar people. The approach would be, as I mentioned earlier from historical and cultural perspective.

    I tried to contact Hanitra Rasoanaivo who did quite a similar collaboration few years ago, but I haven’t got any luck so far, and….yeah, if I can get anyone who has Indonesian origins that would be awesome! 😀

    Again, thank you so much.

    PS: Is it safe to say that you are a polyglot?

    • madakanto Says:

      Hi Ibong,

      I wrote to all the people who might have helped you, but unfortunately, nobody answered. Im really sorry for that.

      I hope youll still make it!

      Kind regards, Kanto

  4. Louis Says:

    HI Kanto,

    I’m actually would like to get in touch with you since I’m Sweden. I’m Malagasy as well. So I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


    • madakanto Says:

      Hi Louis,

      I´m really sorry I only answer now. I haven´t been very active with blogging those past weeks so I discovered your message just today.

      If you want you can write directly to my email address:

      So you are from Madagascar ? How come you live in Sweden ? I must say I´m curious.. do you also speak swedish ? Because I have another website on Madagascar in Swedish, http://upptä

      Check it out if you feel like it!

      Hope to hearing from you.

      and Happy New Year!


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