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Last Chance to See on BBC February 17, 2012

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Last Sunday I was so excited about the programme on Madagascar on SVT. It was really great to discover places and especially animals I did not have the possibility to see when I was there. There are two more episodes coming soon and I will tell you more about it when I will have seen the whole series.

Until then I recommand another great TV show on BBC 2 which was broacasted last year, Last Chance to See with photographer Mark Carwardine and actor Stephen Fry whom I Love. They traveled all  around the world to see, maybe for the last time endangered species. Among those animals, the very strange aye-aye lemur. I think they stayed at least two weeks in Madagascar and finally found  a few aye-ayes in their natural environment.

BBC 2, Last Chance to See:

You can also have a look at Mark Carwardine´s blogg. Here is one of his posts:

Madagascar Past and Present:

Baobab Night: my pictures from The Baobab Avenue in Morondava

Another landscape typical from Madagascar, the Tsingy on the Western side.

Now, I´ll be waiting for the next programme.

Veloma !


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