Everything you want to know about Madagascar and never dared to ask

January 24, 2012

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I just discovered this great great blog. Thank you Sarah for writing about Madagascar in such a terrific and moving way. I could not have said it better, everything about the people walking and walking and bearing stuff, things or kids, or babies. It is exactly the way I felt when I was there this summer. I am looking forward to reading more of you.
As we say in Malagasy, Veloma !

sarah steegar


We had this exact same thought, Wendy and I, as our first overwhelming impression in separate taxis to Antananarivo. There is no better way to describe the encompassing thrum as people piece together their daily survival before your very eyes.

“It” is simply life. As in food, water and shelter – in such a contrast from home where the jobs we perform have nothing to do with our actual daily needs. For us, the facts of life happen behind the scenes. Somewhere else. But in places like Madagascar survival plays out each day in a constant-motion drama. It’s arresting to see how hard most of the entire world works, for such incongruously humble lives.

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  1. KillerBoob Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you’ve led me to your blog also. I love reading and learning more about Madagascar. (I do plan to go back in a few years – when I can afford it again 😉
    I have a couple of other posts about Mada that you might like also, if you didn’t see them already. Well done on the blog – I too look forward to reading more!

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